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It was so difficult to choose these few of the many comments our guests have taken the time to write in our guest book (on display in the guesthouse). We regret that we have no space to include everyone’s comments, and unfortunately we can’t reproduce the lovely cards and photos given us, but we express our heartfelt appreciation to all.

Dear Colette, Thank you for sharing your beautiful paradise with us. We had an amazing time and always feel at home here. Thank you for the delicious peaches and cherry tomatoes, too. We enjoyed our hike on your trails as well. There are so many beautiful trees and water features along the way. We added a gift of appreciation to the arbor. Thanks for everything! Peace, love & joy to you,   D & J K

Colette: we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here, especially the well-marked trails. Our favorite spot was the Springs—magical. You were so friendly and helpful. Petunia confesses she was a bad girl and chased a wild turkey and rabbit.
D & D & Petunia

Colette: Mark, Marty and I enjoyed a memorable week of “dogcation” filled with adventures and quiet moments. Thank you for allowing us to share your home. We will always remember Forest Springs and our time with you as amazing!
M & F P & Marty

Well, it’s time to return again to the “real world” after a too-brief stay here in sanctuary. And I could just cry. The “real world,” with all its gadgets, frantic pace, BS, and general craziness has lost its appeal. Along with awful jobs that seem to take our hearts and souls. Thank you, Colette, for your kindness, wonderful meals, and warm hospitality. I’m so grateful. Take care, and will see you again!  Warmly,  MK

Merci, Colette, Visiting Forest Springs for my birthday was one of the best presents ever! The peace and natural beauty was exactly what I was hoping for. I knew we had found the perfect spot once we arrived here and were welcomed by your smile and your “canine companions.” Of course, our pup Tessa was super excited to find new friends in Armani and Minnie. Just the 3 of us hiking, walking and splashing in the creeks together and enjoying the solitude around us, was a dream come true. Watching the incredible night sky, waking up to the cool, quiet air and looking out over the golden meadows are just some of the wonderful memories we will take home with us! Thank you for your company and for showing us the perfect swimming spot on the Pit River. The 3 dogs playing together and catching sticks was such joy to watch. Also, we cannot thank you enough for the lovingly prepared and so delicious dinners. (And for sharing your last rhubarb.) We definitely want to come back here. Maybe for my next birthday. Tessa will miss her friends and the freedom (no leash!) she got to experience here. We will miss your “magical place” as well. Danke and “au revoir,” E & E

Dear Colette, First and foremost, we can’t thank you enough for showing appreciation to us for being a military family. Your unfathomable generosity allowed us to not only extend our vacation, but even take it up here at all. The drive from San Diego was long, but entirely worth it. From the effort you put forth to clear all the trails, all the way down to making the guest house home-y, you’ve managed to create something amazing. That is even an understatement, words can’t describe how we feel when we were here. Our anniversary meals were par to none and we were so happy that we chose to enjoy your incredible cooking that day. Thank you for the maps (the Secret Spring is my personal favorite), the conversation, and making this break from everything one of the best we’ve ever had. See you in 2 years, for our 4th anniversary!    L & L        PS I’m looking forward to writing you glowing reviews!

Dear Colette, The moment we arrived at Forest Springs, we looked into the beautiful night sky and saw a shooting star. We knew then that we were in a very magical place. Thank you for sharing your paradise with us. Colette, you are a wonderful and generous lady and will always remain in our hearts. Thank you for sharing your flowers, peaches, cherries and delicious pies with us. White daisies are my all-time favorite flowers and eating a freshly picked peach right off the tree was a first time experience for us. The cheesecake and pecan pies were the best we have ever had. Cherries have always been one of our favorite foods! We absolutely love Armani and Minnie. We will always remember Armani’s cute little smile and Minnie’s free spirit and how they would lead us to & from the gate! This has been an amazing vacation thanks to you Colette. God willing, we will be able to return to Forest Springs again in the future.    D & J K

Colette, S. and I had such a wonderful vacation here at your guest house. You have such a beautiful piece of property! We so enjoyed the fresh cherries and all the beautiful flowers! What a good way to start our days hiking all the beautiful trails and eating fresh cherries. We hope to return soon and see another season with different flowers and food in season. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, sharing the history of your property and all the nice little touches such as the dog blankets so we were able to continue to spoil Wyatt. By the way, he had a great time as well, playing with Armani and hiking/swimming the property. The splash pool was another wonderful touch. One of my favorite things is to lie in the sun next to or in the water. Thanks again and we hope to see you again in the near future.    S & C

Dear Colette, Thank you for the great get-away. I think my kids favorite part was playing with Armani; she is such a sweet dog. My favorite part was all the beautiful views and water sources from the creeks, lakes and to the hot springs. We really enjoyed our trip. Thanks again!    R & family

R and I had a wonderful time at the guest house. Caught a lot of fish on a fly rod at Iron Canyon and enjoyed the trails. You have a wonderful piece of property as well as a lifestyle. Look forward to coming back soon.   M

Dear Colette, We had such a wonderful time this weekend staying on your land and in the cozy guest house. We really enjoyed hiking all the trails that we know must take a lot of work to keep clear. Thank you for the tour of your hydro-electric system and for answering all our questions. Your way of life is a true inspiration to us! Thank you. We hope to be back soon,    N & I

Thank you Colette for a wonderful visit. Your land is beautiful! I enjoyed walking through your trails with Buddy. Your directions to nearby spots were great. I came here to clear my head from hectic city and business life, and that’s exactly what I got. I’m going back healthier and relaxed with a happy and tired dog! Thanks!   S

We have had such a wonderful time at your Forest Springs! It was just what we needed, just what we wanted, and more beautiful and peaceful than we imagined. Your meals were superb. The natural hot springs were fun and impressive—worth leaving for but very glad to return to Forest Springs. Mostly, ambling around your lovely property with our pups off leash was the best treat of all. We were very comfortable in the Guesthouse. A special thank you for your warm and friendly hospitality. We enjoyed sharing time and conversation with you. Thank you so much. Please call us if you ever do make it down to San Luis Obispo.   BG & AB

Thank you, Colette! Each visit gets better and better! Saw 3 types of flowers I’ve never seen. One was an orchid! I am very thankful you open your beautiful place so others can share. I love it here! See you soon!   LW

Thank you, Colette, for another amazing week in Paradise! I love it here and appreciate your wonderful hospitality and veggies! I really was able to de-stress and re-evaluate my current work schedule! Must change! I was also able to write, which is my passion. Also hiked every day and enjoyed nature at its best. Enjoy the wine! The gal on the bottle is another breast cancer survivor and friend. See you in the Spring!    LW

Dear Colette, Thank you so much for allowing me to enjoy your Shangri-la! I love it here and can’t believe I haven’t been back sooner. The last week here has been so peaceful and serene! I was able to de-stress and restore my health! I hiked every day and hung out on the dock watching the fish jump up. I enjoyed the new path; I had never walked the sweet Huron Path before. I also loved spending time on the plank at the Arapaho Pool. Very magical place—all of it. I am thrilled; I feel so healthy! The delicious water here and herb tea was all I drank! It was good seeing you and I’ll call about returning in Oct.    LW

Colette, I cannot thank you enough for this week. Your land is beautiful, and your hospitality is more beautiful still. We’ve driven all over America these past few months, yet I can say without hesitation that this is the most beautiful space we have gazed upon. The magic of the woods resonate, and it is lucky for your stewardship. Thank you so much. May it all continue with the slow, breathing rhythm of peace.   S

Colette, Thanks for the past week at Forest Springs. These 160 acres are a place of pure rural bliss, full of magic, wonder and awe. Indeed, there is truly a power and energy about this land that makes it much “like the place where you pray.” Your hospitality has been equally astonishing. Thanks for the amazing meals and all the movies. I wish you the best of luck in the future. Long live Forest Springs!    AW

Hi Colette, I visited your wonderful place in the end of April with my mom-in-law GK. Spring there was so lovely. I’m from the East and was surprised by how many dogwoods were in the forest. The two dogs and cats helped me heal after the loss of my own dog recently. Just thought you might like some copies of photos I took while I was there…   TL

Hi Colette, Well, coming here was a big surprise. My husband RJ and I were desperately looking for a place to escape the smoke (we will all look back on the summer of 2008 remembering the fires that consumed the state!). We are always in search of new hot springs experiences and discovered the one in Big Bend. Looking on the internet for a “Pet Friendly” spot, we discovered Forest Springs. Not having any idea of what we were getting into, we packed up the car and headed north. We were not disappointed. What a beautiful spot! I am a bit of a history buff so the historical homestead just made it that much more special. Your gardens are wonderful and the guest house, sparkling clean, may I add. Made us feel right at home. You can really see and feel how personal this place is to you and that gives it a very warm feel that allows your guests to just settle in. Thank you very much for your gracious hospitality and the ¼ gallon of milk! We will definitely return!   C & RJ

Dear Colette, Thank you for making our anniversary nice. Your place brought us back to nature and the more simple way of life—not to mention being more self-sufficient. We enjoyed the hot springs. It was very easy to get to. The peace and quiet of our surroundings here was very relaxing. Just what we needed from our busy, hectic schedules. We wish you well and perhaps we’ll visit again.   SP

Colette, What a beautiful place you have! We have enjoyed every minute of our stay here. The hiking was great and the trails were marked very well. The lake was wonderful and berry-picking was fun. The guesthouse was really nice, very clean and comfortable. Thank you so much for your great hospitality.   LK

Colette—Thank you with all my heart for sharing your beautiful home! I enjoyed myself every minute and feel rejuvenated again. Lots of healing vibrant energy here. Loved your hospitality. The grounds are gorgeous and all the personal touches were gratefully appreciated! May you continue to be blessed and healthy, happy, whole. Here’s to the good life, full of love.   LW

Dear Colette, What a delight. Thank you for sharing the richness & beauty of this land. A haven. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. All was truly appreciated. Walks, lakes, animals, springs, water, cherries, heat—what more could a girl want? This last morning, as I sat by the lake, I watched two beaver [river otters] swimming about doing their daily business; what a magical spot. B, Gloucestershire, England

Our last day at Forest Springs… Buddy is happily exhausted. Hiking and swimming every day. What more can a dog ask for? Exquisite meals, cherries, Sherri, Queenie all added up to a wonderful week. Thank you so much for making our stay memorable.   B & I

This place is a little piece of heaven in a world of chaos. It was nice to find a place untouched. My husband, K, is always saying we need to get away but I will not leave my dogs behind. Thank you so much for offering us a place where we can get some rest and Titan and Thor can run around till they drop. We will definitely be back again.   K & MA

Dear Colette and family, Thank you for sharing your wonderful farm with us. The property is truly spectacular. You have done a wonderful job developing the path systems, pastures, orchards and gardens. The lake was our favorite spot—an emerald gem, a refuge for fishermen and artists, moms and boys. May you have many good years here. Sincerely,   LCL, SL, AM, EM & Saba, our Corgi.          PS The old farm house harkens back to a simpler time we all dream of.

This has been exactly what I needed—quiet, wonderful walks, time to read, no phone, no news, no people. I was so burned out—only nature can renew my soul and Forest Springs provided all that. Just the sounds of birds & animals & trees, water—love the lake & creek & smells of the lilies, roses & pines. I will be back, hopefully with my daughter. It was so special to find a place where my dogs were treated as guests. Sherri was a great guide and became a fast friend. Shadow, Sparky & Minnie had the best vacation ever. The bed was so comfy—love the line-dried linens. Thanks so much.   JB

Thanks for sharing your fabulous place. Perfect walks, meadows, forest, lake & weather. Forest Springs has it all.   PA.

I have never seen the source of a spring before—wow. The underwater world in the lake—the muskrat [river otter], and your touch everywhere—those irises and roses! and wild azaleas! And the wonderful Sherri for Dottie to play with, and more, and more, and more.   HA

Eight days of pure Heaven! This has been our best vacation ever. We fished, hiked, explored, played games and most of all just relaxed! Colette, we thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality! Our dog, Kitka, enjoyed playing with Sherri and Queenie…your dogs are so much fun and so sweet. The guest house was very comfortable. D. can’t wait to get back to school and brag about his great Spring Break. It will be difficult going back to the noise of the city but we’ve got so many great memories to share with our family and friends! Colette, what you offer here is more than just a guest house…it’s a retreat away from the pressures of everyday life and a look at how beautiful nature is. Thank you again for allowing us to share this wonderful place with you!
     I’ll suggest Forest Springs to everyone! I can’t wait to come back!
I second (or third) all the above for our family and wanted to add that your gourmet meals were the crown jewels of the evenings we had them. Your cooking and your company is delightful. Thank you for sharing your home with us. We truly felt like guests. Our best wishes,   the B family, K, D, S (in order of appearance)

Colette, We so enjoyed our time here. The boys loved exploring your mountain-sides and eating by the creek. Daisy had the time of her life; she was never without a smile. Thank you for the unexpected squash & tomatoes. They were fantastic!   M & D, J & J (& Daisy)

Amazing weekend. It was perfect! Thank you.  D

Wonderful place. Loved the fresh strawberries and beautiful peonies. What a special spot you have here. Fishing was tough, but the natural beauty was 2nd to none.   BL

Dear Colette, We had a very pleasant experience here with you and sharing in the joy of Forest Springs. We enjoyed the privacy of the nice guesthouse and especially the hiking, the lakes and the hot springs. We didn’t miss a thing during our stay! Thanks for the delicious dinner, & thanks for letting us have our Maltese stay with us. It was so nice to meet you.   B & DY

Our 2nd time here Colette, and won’t be our last. My family knows why we love it here: a place close to Heaven. Was so glad to share with them. Thank you for the opportunity to share this lovely land! I appreciate the flowers and trees you have planted and all the work you have gone to, to make this a pleasurable experience. The cabin was very clean and comfortable.    N & BK & family

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