Due to our remote location and emphasis on freshness, advance notice for meals offers you best selection.
To order, please call
Forest Springs at (530) 337-6704 or emailforestsprings@gmail.com Thank you!


we use free-range eggs, organic milk & cream, and home-made low-sugar jam
mushroom/brie cheese omelet and toast
or   2 eggs with bacon or mild Italian sausage and toast
or   freshly baked from scratch corn muffins
or   crèpes with pure maple syrup or honey
and   pure fruit juice
and   great Colombian coffee, tea, hot chocolate or milk
$15 per person    ($12 per child under 14 years; $10 per child under 6)

OR    at addtl $5 ea per 2 orders or more (addtl $8 per 1 order), substitute above entrée for:
Eggs Benedicta: 2 poached eggs on ham and toast, topped with Hollandaise sauce


served “to go” for your picnic; please bring your own beverage
deli-style sandwich of your choice, pickle & chips    $10 per person ($8 or $6 per child)


dinner price includes dessert and gourmet salad served with homemade rolls
everything is made from scratch with the healthiest ingredients available
fruit and vegetables from our gardens when available, whole wheat, brown rice
pure butter and pure olive oil used exclusively

$40 per person    ($30 per child under 14 years; $18 per child under 6)

USDA Choice rib-eye steak with mushrooms
fish of the season: wild-caught American, served sautéed with a sauce of
almonds or capers; or steamed with lemon
savory lamb shank
prawns (peeled by us) in Cajun or garlic sauce
boneless chicken quarter sautéed with herbs and mushrooms
roast duck
grilled sweetbreads
fondue Suisse (traditional cheese fondue)
cheese and spinach lasagna
(more vegetarian / vegan and specialty choices towards end of page)

Dinner is served with your choice of mashed potatoes, brown rice or whole wheat noodles
and vegetable or soup of the day

is fresh fruit served with Breyers French vanilla ice cream
and your choice of coffee, tea, milk or juice

Guests are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages.
For best selection, please order at least 7 days ahead of your arrival. Thank you.
Special requests &/or substitutions at addtl charge as agreed.

Specialty desserts : prepared for 2 or more orders, at additional charge as noted:
(please add $5 more if for only 1 order)

Cheesecake, pecan or pumpkin pie $5
Crèpes Grand Marnier (dessert crèpes with liqueur) $5
Crèpes Suzette (dessert crèpes with orange liqueur sauce) $8

more vegetarian / vegan selections:
cheese & mushroom quiche
deviled eggs with capers
black beans with feta cheese and cornbread
curry of potatoes, peas, mushrooms & cashews
sautéed Portobella mushrooms
mushroom/barley soup
your suggestions are always appreciated

Escargots Forestière – ½ dozen snails on mushroom caps in garlic butter
Escargots à la Bourguignonne – 1 dozen traditional snails in garlic butter
½ doz. as an appetizer: addtl $10 ea per 2 orders or more (addtl $15 per 1 order)

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